The Gutmann Family of Büdingen and the Family Coat of Arms

The Gutmann Family of Büdingen

The name is already found in Fulda in 1426 and in Friedberg in 1564. The family lineage discussed here originates from Büdingen, where Johann Gutmann, serving as mayor and juror, married Anna Müller on October 19, 1634. The descendants branched into a line of shoemakers and a line of bakers. The gravestone of Christoph G. (born February 29, 1739, died June 1, 1788) features the image of a riding boot.

The coat of arms incorporates the baker’s symbol and the bars of Ysenburg. The coat of arms was created in collaboration with Pastor Hermann Knodt from Bad Nauheim (born 1880, died 1969). The depiction of the coat of arms was designed by Dr. Heinz Ritt, also from Bad Nauheim.

Blazoning of Arms (1788)

In silver, a black riding boot between two red loaves. On the helmet with black and silver mantling, a red loaf between two silver wings, each charged with two black bars.


“The loaves are an ancient house symbol of the baker’s branch and the Ysenburg-Büdingen bars of the helmet crest as the coat of arms of the entire family. The riding boot likely represents the shoemaker’s branch. Registered in the Hessian Roll of Arms Volume 1 HFK 7 (1964) 127 and in the German Roll of Arms (No. 11814, 16).

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